2-3 weeks EXW

Dear Customers,

It is our great pleasure to inform you that we have succeeded in optimizing production, so that – once again – we can achieve the shorter delivery terms which we first started out with.

We can process your orders in 2-3 weeks EXW.


Last year we were hit with an unexpected and rapid rise in orders, as a result of which delivery terms were extended. Unfortunately, many customers responded by placing extra orders to store as back-ups for later use – this meant our production capacity was completely overwhelmed. We had to survive our own growth and transform ourselves.

                                                                               Filip Hazuka, CEO – Recutech

New employees and equipment have been brought into the production process. Also, part of the credit for the cut in delivery time must go to the R&D Department, which came up with some new stronger locks. These not only make the product better, they accelerate the manufacturing process. In the summer our “family” of folding machines grew with the inclusion of a new 67–95 size folder, which is the size most frequently used in commercial premises. This one is twice as fast as his older brother.

We are sure that you will appreciate the shorter delivery terms, combined with a top quality product and the required tightness 100% guaranteed (according to Eurovent standards), and confident too that we will work together more often in resolving your requirements.

We are here for you!

Your Recutech team.