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EPOXY – for aggressive environments

Dear Partners,

To use our heat exchangers in more aggressive environments such as swimming pools, marine environment, kitchens, chemical plants, we have developed heat exchangers with epoxy coated lamellas. A coating with the trade name Waterfin 100 was chosen.


Properities of the coating

  • Corrosion resistence ASTM B117
    • (NaCl 5%/35°C) – up to 300 hours
  • Hydrophilic surface good for adiabatic cooling
  • Heat resistance
    • 200°C/5 min. 190°C/30 min.
  • Solvent resistence
    • TRICHLOROETHYLENE (85°C/5 min.), PERCHLOROETHYLENE (120°C/30 min.)
  • Aluminium casing