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Every single piece is tested on tightness

Always one step ahead!

Dear partners,

We believe that tightness of the exchanger is one of the most important points in your units.

This is why we still upgrade our counter-flow heat exchangers. You certainly remember information about new mechanical locks on the casing. Also the double folding which we are uniquely using for all of our sizes in aluminum exchangers has very positive influence on tightness.

If you see small exchanger with double folded lamellas you can be sure this is RECUTECH exchanger.


Strictly tested

Every single exchanger we test according to EUROVENT standards (certificate). How we do it?

We close one channel of exchanger and fill it with air pressured to 250 Pa. Then we measure for 1 minute how much air is needed to add to keep the pressure 250 Pa.label-ECC

If the leakage is higher than 0,5% of the nominal airflow, the measure machine does not print the label. If there is no label you can not dispatch this exchanger as it is the last quality control.  On the label you can see the maximum leakage accepted by Eurovent and also the real measured value.



Your Recutech team