For more green 2018

Dear customers,


Thanks to you, this year we have been able to continue supporting the planting of new trees in our region.

All year we were putting to one side 10 cents from every exchanger sold. After a year we saved 6252 €, which we donated towards tree-planting.


The first 30 trees were planted by our enthusiastic team of gardeners (from every area of the company – logistics to the director :) in the village of Zaječice. These were edible rowan trees, which will create a bio-corridor along a field track, leading from the village to the train station and cycle-path.


The Recutech team in action… Světlana from logistics is handing out strips of binding tape, Mirek from the sales is fixing a poorly attached tree, and Vašek from quality department is supervising.

Another 27 trees were planted in Černilov u Hradce, where they have also got a new alley of trees. Black poplar, English oak, silver birch and more rowan have also sprung up between the villages of Bítovany and Lukavice.

More trees await us in the autumn.

Enjoy your spring!

Your Recutech team