Increased production capacity

Dear customers,


As you might know we have invested significantly to increase the production capacity of the aluminium heat exchangers REK+ and REC+ in the last several months.

We are happy to inform you that the three assembling machines are just being set up in our production area.


Hand in hand, we are introducing a new tightness control centre and automatic gluing machine in order to ensure smooth production flow. After starting up all the machines, our annual production capacity will grow to almost 100 000 pieces!


As a second step, we are going to expand the production capacity of the plastic heat exchangers. With two new assembling machines, one for the REP+ and one for the RSP+, the annual capacity will be increased to more than 30 000 pcs.

The investments are in line with long-term Recutech strategy: manufacture high-quality products according to the market demand. Thank you for helping us make it happen!

Your Recutech team