New rSelect

Dear customers,

We are happy to announce you that in our technical lab grew up a new version of our selection and calculation software rSelect (7.2.0) which is now available in the Client zone. We hope that you will enjoy it.


While putting your data in the software form, you should recognize and understand the difference between Standard airflow, Actual airflow and Mass flow.

  • Standard airflow is defined, according to EN 308, at 1,2 kg/m3 air density, 20,0 °C air temperature, 50% relative humidity and 101,3 kPa barometric pressure.
  • Actual airflow is defined at the specific operating conditions of the heat exchanger. You can switch the Actual airflow on in Settings menu.
  • Mass flow is defined as mass of the air which passes through the heat exchanger per unit of time.

In rSelect, you can alternatively input either Standard airflow, Actual airflow or Mass flow.

In case of any questions to the above or any other topic related to rSelect, we are at your service at Using this e-mail address, you can reach directly the software developer.


Your Recutech Team