New RSF+16


The RSF+16 plastic heat exchanger offers the highest efficiency and optimum pressure drop thanks to the unique plate shape and 2,9 mm plate distance. The product is available in lengths from 100 mm to 600 mm.


The Net Energy Performance

is the difference between the energy recovered by the heat exchanger and energy necessary to overcome its pressure drop by the fans. The RSF+16 and generally RECUTECH heat exchangers achieve top values of this important parameter.

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100 % Tightness testing 

Every single product manufactured in RECUTECH including the RSF+16 goes through strict tightness control. We guarantee that the leakage of our heat exchangers is always below 0,5 % of the nominal air flow.

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Passive house ready

The RSF+16 is ideal solution for compact residential heat recovery units. The ratio of efficiency and pressure drop provides you with the best Net Energy Performance. The dimensions are compatible with the most common solution on the market (366×366).

Silicone free

RECUTECH are committed to making the best efforts to protect the environment. All our products are strictly silicone free.

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