We’ve been planting trees

Dear customers,

Thanks to the “For More Green” campaign – where we donate 10 cents towards planting trees for every heat exchanger we make – our region is becoming greener.

With the money we collected last year, and thanks also to your support, we have already carried out 5 planting events. 

We´ve been planting trees, For more green

Our Recutech team planted 30 trees to create a new gene pool orchard in a small village near Pardubice.

In two other villages, our funds have enabled locals to restore their original cherry tree avenues. A further village has had an entirely new lime tree avenue planted. While several small trees have also been planted by children in the gardens of two nursery schools.

We are looking forward to next year, when we hope to see even more trees being planted!
We wish you a beautiful spring.

Your Recutech team